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C Property QLD is a specialised Commercial Agency focusing on the key elements of commercial property – Sales, Leasing & Property Management. Our core focus for our Sales & Leasing division is on the inner city of Brisbane (15km radius of the CBD) & the CBD itself. The Property Management division is resourced to manage & lease properties throughout the whole of Brisbane and greater SEQ.  Website
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Q 01:

In your experience, what are the main reasons for not being able to source development funding, and how can this process be better managed?

A 01:

The biggest issue over the last 10 years has been insufficient equity from the Developer to put toward the development. For SME Developers, the general rule of thumb in the current market is that they should be able to fund the acquisition and consultants preliminaries for the Development Approval before they commence a Development Funding process.Website

Selecting a Good Builder

Why is selecting good builders who are on time, on budget and meet quality standards no longer enough? Selecting a good builder is a common request of many developers, however the real issue should be selecting the RIGHT builder.  Read More ( 10 min read )

Connecting People,
Process & Property

SPS is a solutions based consultancy & development partner focused on connecting the right People, Process & Property. With many years in the property industry accummulating vast experience & a library of knowledge, SPS is an ideal partner, advisor & mentor. 'From small to large projects we connect the right People to the right Projects.' SPS will assist you by managing your entire project from start to finish or only selected tasks tailored to your needs.  Website
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Q 02:

With the recent tightening of debt from the majors, is syndicated equity becoming more important in funding development projects?

A 02:

Absolutely. As great as it sounds it is not as easy as you are talking about– and not just the challenges of pooling financial resources, but also, the challenges of operational resources and trying to figure out roles and responsibilities. And this is about establishing 'right fits' which takes time to establish comfort and trust. I think syndicated debt is going to be a developing space in the market moving forward – more so in the $15M to $50M space for SME Residential Development Borrowers.
Alex Steffan

Small Change,
Big Impact

Recent Changes to Multiple Dwellings Car Parking (Brisbane City Council Town Plan). These changes have since had a significant impact on the ability to design and gain approval for multiple dwellings. In late November 2019, Brisbane City Council (BCC) introduced new car parking ratios that increased the number of car parks required for a multiple dwelling development (e.g. townhouses or apartments).....
Read More ( 10 min read )

Wise Decisions from Purpose + Process + People

"The bare essentials of business is really about making decisions - right?" P7 educates business owners on HOW to make better decisions based around improving the PROCESS of making decisions. We develop a strategy based system for the client that resets the foundations, takes the pressure off personally, realigns their capabilities to re-empower them. The renewal excites clients & over time, builds greater exit value for them. One decision can change your future - make each one count.....Website

"You don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out."

Warren Buffet

"There are Old Developers & there are Bold Developers, but there are few Old & Bold Developers."

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