Streamlining the Property Development Process from Sites to Buyers to Exit.

DevOp3 is a customer-centric business focused on sourcing development opportunities and implementing solutions for clients. With vast experience, widespread connections, and a keen understanding of the need for strategic integration combined with carefully controlled orchestration of the many moving parts is required to develop a great property.

Our approach is to remove the often, unnecessary frustration, anxiety and financial burden caused, in large part, by the current self-protective 'silo' thinking, by streamlining with a better process.

DevOp3 is a very different business model to most. Where many businesses act in isolation (silo) and connecting only when there is a transaction to be had, DevOp3 does the opposite, as well as the traditional, synergistically.

DevOp3 simulates a shop-front platform that encompasses, generates and channels property development opportunities, options and operations, offering multiple entry points to property players.

Our system searches, sources and/or creates property opportunities, converting them into buyer options, at the same time able to orchestrate the ideal silos into highly valuable project Teams, preferred suppliers, possibly becoming advisors, mentors, or peers with a collective voice.

It is the ability to bring together the right combinations of valued connections - Sellers to Buyers, or Buyers to the specific Sites they need, or trades to their ideal projects - that holds all the value and makes a real difference to the property industry, as a whole.

Working with our REFERRAL PARTNERS
Unlike others, we can attribute our success to working with all three (3) key stakeholder interests in the sales process:    1) Buyers    2) Sellers    3) Referral Partners

Our mandate is to work towards a better big picture to enable successful projects by removing common conflict within the real estate industry enabling our buyers and sellers access to a broad range of properties - both on and off-market.

This is achieved through our popular 'Referral Partner Program' that enables many real estate agents, consultants, and other influential industry participants, who also share our values of collaboration to desired outcome.  Ask about our 'Exclusive-Open Listing' arrangement.

DevOp3 also has a desire to create opportunities that may not normally be obvious or available - particularly where equity is scarce. Where required, we aim to match and facilitate the various technical skills and capital resources of our network for a common goal. This includes bringing together: Developers, Investors / Capital Partners, Other JV Partners (building contractors, etc).

START with the END in MIND - From Funding to End-stock Sales
We also recognize the critical nature of funding and so we have aligned ourselves with specialist development lenders and brokers to help facilitate this aspect of the project. Similarly, we have access to various sales teams and channel partners to help sell your end stock product, including finance packages to suit.

DevOp3 can co-ordinate the marketing and selling of your end stock as a manager, enlisting suitable real estate agents via our 'Exclusive-Open' service.

We recommend, to minimize risk, considering the funding and the end-stock sales right at the beginning, even before purchasing the land site because all aspects of a project are connected and affected. Have your complete strategy carefully thought out and in place before looking for your next site.