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Find, assess and secure development sites faster with the right information and at no cost

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An 'Off-Market' Listing is deemed to be a Site that does not appear on a paid commercial platform. 

Stoclist Plus


At DevOp3, we know how difficult and time-consuming it is as a Buyer to find and secure the right development sites.

That’s why we have created an innovative platform to make the process easier. We source development sites across Queensland, collate all the developer-relevant Site data and display a summary of that information for each Site to help you kick-start your due-diligence process, efficiently and confidentially.

Buyers and Buyers  Agents can quickly and conveniently filter through our displayed Sites for potential development opportunities that match Client requirements by Asset Type and review Approval Status, Location, Overlays and other fields. 

Plus, with our Custom Site Search we source Sites on your behalf based on your search parameters.

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DevOp3 StockList Plus

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2: Search & Assess

3: Enquire

Register at no cost to access StockList +Plus, and get instant access to pre-market, on-market and off-market sites with hat present aa a development opportunity.

Our StockList is regularly updated so you can search and assess the sites that are best suited to your requirements.

All the due diligence required to assess a development site in its early due diligence phases has been provided in the one location.

Once your initial due-diligence is complete you can contact the listed Selling Agent and progress discussions knowing this Site has the potential to meet your needs.

Plus, as a StockList +Plus member, you get access to our exclusive discounts and Industry Introductions as needed.


Choose your own path with any mix of our Service offerings.

StockList +Plus

StockList +Plus lets you view our extensive selection of on-market and off-market listings as well as view extensive detail for every site at no cost.

Plus, take advantage of our exclusive discounts and Industry Introductions.

Custom Site Search

Know what you are looking to acquire but can't find it? We will source it for you.


You set the parameters and we will get to work.

Ask us about this bespoke offer.

Industry Introduction

Available to StockList +Plus members, we match you with the right Industry Provider based on your requirements - Financier, Town Planner, Civil and Building Contractors, Architects / Designers, End-Stock Marketers and more.


Years of sourcing, assessing and securing Development Sites for our hundreds of clients has provided us unique insight into the specific requirements and information developers require.

Now, all this information has been summarised and pulled together (from multiple sources) for you to access (and assess) in the one convenient and easy-to-use access on-line Platform, 24/7.

All the due diligence required to assess a development site in its early due diligence phases has been provided in the one location - whether its your site or a site we have sourced. 

Yes, we still and will always source Development Sites for our clients if what is displayed does meet your requirements.

We've just simplified the whole process - made it easier, faster and at the lowest cost possible. Why? Because we understand, and our clients told us, that saving time and money is a high priority for developers.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Select our Chat option on the bottom right or send us a message on our Contact Us page. 

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