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Warning and Disclaimer Statement

Warning and Disclaimer Statement

Where the term ‘DevOp3’, ‘We’ or ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ or ‘Company’ is used, they may be used interchangeably herein this Warning and Disclaimer Statement.


This ‘Warning and Disclaimer Statement’ applies to all parties viewing, using, and/or attempting to obtain any benefit from our online ‘Platform’ (and/or ‘Website’).  We note that both of these terms are used interchangeably herein. Any Information derived from the Website, whether in the form of a report, or other written communication, is deemed to apply equally to this Warning and Disclaimer Statement.

All Information contained in our Website has been prepared using data derived from a variety of internal and external sources and may also be based on interpolations, estimates, forecasts, and/or assumptions to enable the Information to be provided in a summarised and commercially-efficient format.

Any Information contained in the Website, is provided in a general nature and should NOT be construed as specific advice and/or relied upon in lieu of appropriate professional advice.

Whilst commercial and reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the Information provided by Us is current, We do NOT warrant the accuracy or completeness (whether in part or in full) of any of the Information provided nor do We accept any legal liability or responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever incurred by the use of, or reliance on, or interpretation of, the Information contained herein. Where any Information provided includes any statement or figure as to any future (or forecast) matter, that statement or figure is offered as an estimate only (and/or opinion) and has been based upon Information believed to be accurate (and/or provided to DevOp3) at the time of presenting the Information; as such, this Information may be incorrect.   


The term ‘Information’ used herein may be in the format of a detailed or summarised report.


Historical prices and/or trends are not a guarantee of future prices and/or trends. We strongly recommend that you conduct your own due diligence and not solely rely on any Information provided by Us in any format whatsoever.


The recipient of the Information accepts the condition that they will carry out their own detailed due diligence, make their own enquiries, seek alternative advice and/or assessments, including  undertaking all necessary investigations about the matters contained in any Information of material provided by DevOp3.  To avoid any doubt, the recipient is required to conduct its own enquiries and/or investigations it deems necessary, and/or appropriate, in order to verify the accuracy and completeness of the Information presented, irrespective of the format, including all third-party Information.


We recommend that you read our ‘Privacy Policy Statement’.

For details of our Terms and Conditions, please refer to here.

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