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Residential Buildings

Secure more work and connect your clients with new Development Opportunities and Developers

1: Let's Chat

Schedule a chat with us to discuss your business and how we can put you and/or your clients in front of the right  developers and development opportunities.

2: Assist Clients

Help your clients find their next development opportunity and you'll be there ready to assist them from the early assessment phase through to acquisition and delivery.

3: New Leads

Our StockList +Plus members have the ability to request introductions with our verified Industry Service Providers that match their specific needs. Ask us about becoming a recommended Provider.



Whether you are a Funder, Contractor, Town Planner, Architect, Development Manager, Project Manager, or other professional offering a service to the Property Development industry, you’ll have access to more of the people that you want to connect to with DevOp3.

Schedule a chat with our Director, Sebastian Muscolino and let's discuss how we can put you and your business in front of the right developers at the right time... plus how you can help assist your clients with development site identification and assessment.

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